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This calculator will give you an idea of what you typically might be able to borrow (this will vary greatly from lender to lender). This is not an offer of a mortgage but an example.

Are you a Contractor or Agency staff finding it difficult to source the right deals on contractor mortgages?

Many lenders have tightened their lending criteria over the past 2 or 3 years resulting in a restriction of mortgages for contractors and products for clients falling into the contractor mortgages market, namely in the Contractor or Freelancer category. Lenders don’t recognise that Contractors do not neatly fit into the ‘employed’ or ‘self-employed’ categories much rather they sometimes sit in a grey area in between the two and as such, this often means they fall outside of the Banks’ and Building Societies’ rigid lending criteria.

Get a Mortgage based on your contract rate alone

No need for 3 years’ worth of accounts

Borrow up to 5 times your annualised income

A growing number of lenders have now identified and realise that many Contractors and Freelancers represent safe borrowers who display a history of consistent income coupled with niche skillsets and vast experience in sought after industries. This in turn allows the client to access highly competitive freelancer and IT contractor mortgages that have attractive rates with high street lenders.

Central Financial Services are very experienced in helping people in your circumstances; understanding your requirements and matching those to a suitable lender.

When combined with our experience in the Newbuild property sector this makes a formidable solution.

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