Secured Loans

This is an alternative way to raising funds without extending your mortgage. A Secured Loan may be more advantageous to some, and there may be several different reasons for this.

Central Financial Services act an introducer to a range of secured loan brokers. Are you wanting to: replace your car? Do you have a poor credit rating due to a change in circumstances and want to consolidate your existing debts?

Maybe you’ve bought a house and want the money for some DIY projects. Whatever your reasons for a loan we have access to brokers that have a access to many providers.

If you do wish to consolidate numerous short term debts into one larger long term secured loan, the monthly payments to service the debt can be substantially reduced. This can make a significant difference to your monthly outgoings.

However, you should be aware that securing a debt over a longer period may extend the term and increase the overall cost of the debt. It is important to understand that by transferring unsecured debts onto a secured basis may mean your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on it.

With the changes to the mortgage market making it more difficult for some clients to remortgage, a secured loan may be an alternative option.

Central Financial Services have access to a wide range of providers, who can arrange secured borrowing to fit each individual need.

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